About us

In Hand Online is an online resource and learning platform providing self-development guidance, training and alignment for individuals, leaders, and teams in al spheres of the African society to live towards new horizons.

Africa is a unique continent with many vibrant communities in cities, towns and rural areas. Within these communities the people of Africa connect and live together in lively and colourful ways. In these communities individuals and ground level leaders in the different spheres of society play an important role. Years of experience of working together with individuals and ground level leaders in Africa has shown the lack of quality, contextualized and affordable developing resources for individuals and leaders.

In Hand Online purpose is to provide an online resource and learning platform for personal empowerment. This entails

  • Self-development pathways and resources for individuals to maximise their wellbeing, potential and growth;
  • Self-guidance, training and alignment pathways and resources for leaders to maximise their wellbeing, potential and performance.


Individuals, and therefore communities, who continue to grow and live towards the future with a whole and integrated life.

A new generation of transformational leaders and teams in all spheres of the African society who

  • Seek a bigger picture and agenda than their own;
  • Know their own strengths and limitations;
  • Display a character worth following;
  • Are open, transparent and ethical in the way they conduct business;
  • Open-up new possibilities and horizons for the people they have influence with;
  • Co-create an effective relational and transactional culture amongst the people they lead;
  • Influence and impact society through service;
  • Raise and guide a next generation of leaders.


Simplicityliving an uncomplicated life in relationships and transactions amidst all the complexity.
Diversityembracing differences and harnessing uniqueness of individuals and situations.
Connectednessseeking connection with ourselves, others, the environment, and society.
Integrationbringing together people, ideas, and actions for the greater purpose.
Hopeseeing new horizons in the future worth living towards.
Growthtaking on the challenges for the future.