Who are we?

In Hand Online is web-based platform for strategic leadership development and mentoring of ground level leaders in all spheres of the African society.

Africa is a unique continent with many vibrant communities in cities, towns and rural areas. Within these communities the people of Africa connect and live together in lively and colourful ways. In these communities ground level leaders in all spheres of society play an important role.

Years of experience of working together with ground level leaders in Africa has shown the lack of quality and affordable leadership developing resources. In general, quality leadership resources are hard to come by, not always contextualized for ground level leadership and in most cases not affordable. Leadership development are mostly done by delivery and classroom-mode without the important aspect of mentoring and coaching.

In Hand Online focus

  1. To provide quality leadership training, development, information and guidance for ground level leaders in all spheres of the African society who are not always in the position of getting or afford quality leadership training and mentoring. 
  2. To empower leaders with a relational online tool (a) that is affordable, understandable and accessible through mobile devices to develop and mentor leaders and (b) for leaders to further develop and mentor leaders within their spheres of influence.
  3. To provide different growth and service levels according the needs of the leaders.
  4. To engage with and empower partners and co-workers in the countries of Africa to use this platform for leadership development and mentoring.
  5. To be sustainable through a realistic and affordable pricing structure.

In Hand Online is a South African registered Non-Profit Company (2014/047345/08)